Renovations Renovations Renovation of marble full memorial This memorial was in a poor state before work started 59375364 Renovation The memorial was cleaned and the letters re ground out and new inscription 59375361 Renovation Re lettered as new the results very good considering the age of the stone. 59375362 Renovation The centre was de-weeded and the chipping washed and cleaned the results are very good. 59375363 Shorne war memorial renovation This was renovation of the war memorial in side the church grounds and definatly in need of work 59686973 War memorial 59686974 James working on the war memorial 59686975 The base were the cross stands on 59686978 We protected the memorial from the rain It was important for the memorial to be completed by a certain date so we had to make sure the weather would not stop us 59686979 The finished project You can see how the war memorial has come up form working all surfaces and touching up the carving and re-painting the letters 59686980 Finished project 59686981 After remenberance sunday with the reaves 59686982 Finished project 59686983 Memorial before cleaning "O'NEIL" 82162062 Memorial "O'NEIL" after cleaning The memorial was raised up front to back with concrete lintels & cleaned and chippings added 82162064 Memorial "O'NEIL" 82162065 Side view of memorial "O'NEIL" 82162066 Full view "O'NEIL" 82162067 Close up of "O'NEIL" You can see the cleaning process has worked well on this memorial 82162069 Marble full memorial This memorial was in the same condition as the one in the picture. The memorial was cleaned re leveled re lettered with old inscription grinded out new chippings and new tablet added with 3 inscriptions. 120831573 Marble full memorial with vase 120831574 Re lettered kerb cut & black letters old leaded inscription grinded out and new lettering added left hand kerb 120831575 Re lettered kerb cut & black letters Old leaded inscription grinded out and new lettering added right hand kerb 120831576 New Tablet added to full memorial 120831577 Re lettered memorial This memorial was cleaned cut & lead letters removed & new letters cut and black put on mouse trap plate. re leved and new chippings added veiw memorial on the right it was that dirty colour before the work started. 122389097 Renovation Cleaning re lettering grinding out old lead inscription re leveling memorial and adding new chippings 126240523 Renovation added inscription 126240524 126240525 Renovation This memorial was in a right state but completely renovated this is before and a bove & below pictures are finshed job 126240526 Renovation Finished memorial 1948 cleaned re lettered as good as new 126240527 Renovation Letters re faced and cleaned lead letters to be replace with new letters cut & black 153503954 Renovation complete Heart re face of old lettering and all letters re cut with added inscription and letters on base. A beautiful example of a renovation in white marble at an affordable price. 153503955 Renovation complete and placed in the cemetery on new concrete foundation & new vase containers. A fine example of work. 153503956 Nabresina book memorial Letters to be sanded out and re cut with new inscriptions and new nabresina base. (Before renovation) 156033381 Nabresina book memorial in workshop Church yard crem graden of rememberance Milton chyd. Finished product letters sanded out and re cut inscriptions a major improvement. 156032849 Nabresina book Renovation complete with new inscription left & right pages and new base with silver vase container. (After renovation) 156214465