College work College work Cema Recta design 59375963 Cema Recta design Double return still to be worked 59375964 Cema Recta design in portland stone Finished 59375965 Cavetto face This was masoned from a block of portland stone 59684230 Cavetto This shows the return and stop 59684229 Finished Cavetto This shows completed peice with double return on the left hand side 59684231 Cavetto As above 59684232 Ovolo This peice shows return and stop done but return on right handside still to be masoned 59684233 Ovolo masoned and completed 59684234 James Masoning his Cema Recta design 59685463 Cema Recta in progress 59685464 James at the Building Crafts Traning College Masoning Cema Recta Design 59685465 James Masoning his Cema Recta Design 59685466 String course (test peice) This is work in progress and is just the start of this peice of work 71576875 String course 71576876 String course 71576877 James at college James masoning his string course test peice 73484124 James at college String course 73484125 James at college String course 73484126 String course Front face of string course complete 77497109 String course complete 77497110 String course Making a start on the return and stop 79494711 String course 79494712 String course Just starting the return & stop. 79494713 String course Completed & passed This peice was timed and took 50 hours to make all using hand tools no mashines. 92784596 Surface Finish Surface Finish (With Sparrow Pecked Inset) 99027886 String course block cutting excess away with a tunsten hand saw 122388693 String Course Block masoned both side cut outs (stops) by hand tools. This is a difficult peice as an ovolo and fillet will arc width ways early stages yet and some carving and cross on the front when completed. 122388694 String Course Block Face view 122388695 String course Beginging to take shape all worked using hand tools 123390166 String course block 123390167 String course block 123390168 String course fillet cut and ovolo will be masoned in circular arch 126240093 String course ready for the ovolo to be masoned & then cross and rose's to be added front 126832279 String course Finished artical rose's hand carved and cross with enamal paint added for contrast. Last peice of a 3 year City & gilds course. 132869647